TheFootRoom – Jazzys First Foot Worship Ft Kai!

So Jazzy has ABSOLUTELY sexy size 8W feet. They are ALWAYS in perfect condition and INSANELY soft. Well Ticklish Kai was in the building for this shoot and told me something I did NOT know, she has a HUGE foot fetish. Like LOVES foot worship and NEVER gets the chance. Well what better chance to let her get some than with this absolute beauty. Kai is a very slow delicate foot worship person. She takes it SLOW with foot worship with slow then quick tongue movements. Jazzy is not phased as she stares Kai down almost expecting her perfect feet to be worshipped! Honestly this is just a sight because of how amazing Jazzys soles are.

Length: 6:20
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Jazzys First Foot Worship Ft Kai!

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