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TheFootRoom – MFYT Marie Trying To Escape “Make it Stop”

Here we have the first of a little series we are trying called “Trying to Escape”. Marie was just tickled and left with the massage tool taped to her sensitive soles DEEP. It tickles her and she REALLY wanted to get it off. She pulls and wiggles attempting to get it off before she eventually does but it does not stop her predicament as she realizes she cannot go anywhere. Who is watching all this unfold? Well you of course! Watch her toes crunch and wiggle before the tool is gone. Once its gone she struggles more to no avail before realizing she cannot go anywhere. So she subjects herself to silently show off her amazing feet to you hoping after you cum you can just let her go. The question is….do you let her go?

Duration: 6:48.441
Size: 713,956 Mb

Download – MFYT Marie Trying To Escape “Make it Stop”

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Worship Is Good For The Sole!

Alexa lets her domme side out, once again, as she tops Dacey Harlot, with her beautiful, size 7.5 feet! Foot slave, Dacey, eagerly licks and sucks on her mistress’ bare feet, from heel to toe, at Alexa’s firm yet gentle command! If you’ve never seen Alexa in domme mode, now’s your chance! This one is HOT!

Duration: 9:08.581
Size: 438,993 Mb

Download – Worship Is Good For The Sole!

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – When Honey Worshiped Sally! (A Foot Fetish Fantasy)

Sally D’Angelo is a harsh, no-nonsense executive, who likes have her way with her sexy secretary, Honey. On this particular evening, Sally demands that Honey put in some extra hours … servicing her tired, aching feet!

Honey removes Sally’s shoes and massages her boss’ sweaty, nylon-clad feet. But, apparently Honey likes the smell of Sally’s stinky, stocking soles and begins to sniff them, passionately! Sally had no idea her assistant was so kinky … but she likes it, and demands more, as she takes a business phone call!

The nylon foot love continues as Sally is so aroused by her foot-pampering secretary that she orders her to lick her silk-covered soles and toes! Honey hungrily licks Sally’s hot, sweaty feet and enjoys it every bit as much as Sally does! Honey may be working overtime, but it looks like there won’t be much work being done, tonight!

Duration: 22:07.492
Size: 846,596 Mb

Download – When Honey Worshiped Sally! (A Foot Fetish Fantasy)

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – The Great Foot Magic Swindle! Pt 1 Foot-Worshipped Woozy!

Business shark, Mikayla Miles, has just had another successful day, acquiring clients. Mind you, she may have lied about one of her competitors, to land her last deal, but all’s fair, in business negotiation, right? Now, she sits at home, exhausted and with sore, aching feet. As a treat to herself, she calls a luxury service, called ‘Foot Magic’, for a massage and a special treat!

The special treat comes in the form of Dacey Harlot, a beautiful masseuse, who has a serious foot fetish! Not only does she give Mikayla’s big, size 16 feet a relaxing massage, but she also lavishes affection on them, in the form of a very seductive foot worship session! Mikayla is not only soothed, but very turned on, caught somewhere between wanting to go to rest and wanting to keep Dacey around for an extended period of time!

However, for now, Dacey allows Mikayla an evening’s rest, by letting the sole licking, toe-sucking ecstasy give way to a gentle massage, causing the sexy Amazon to drift off to dreamland. But, what happens, when Mikayla wakes up and discovers Dacey’s little secret?

Duration: 16:34.727
Size: 637,402 Mb

Download – The Great Foot Magic Swindle! Pt 1 Foot-Worshipped Woozy!

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Macy and KK Swallowing Size 11s!

Porn performer, Macy Cartel is no stranger to deep-throating, but have you seen her deep-throat a sexy pair of size 11 feet? Newcomer, KK Qing puts Macy’s deep-throating skills to the test, by gagging her with her big, beautiful feet! Macy hungrily licks KK’s long soles, from her heels all the way to her wiggly toes!

KK feeds Macy her big, Amazon feet, til Macy is sputtering and gagging, but Macy’s not one to quit. She loves it … and so will you! Don’t miss our very first foot worship video, starring a fan fave and a new, rising star!

Duration: 13:00.246
Size: 494,894 Mb

Download – Macy and KK Swallowing Size 11s!

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Hiii Yah Hahaha! Pt 6 Master of Foot Worship

Tae Kwon Do instructor, Macy Cartel’s new student, Dacey is kinda clueless. She doesn’t know how to bow and she’s wearing shoes on the training floor! Macy decides to teach Dacey the consequences of her actions, by disciplining her.

First, she makes Dacey do pushups and placing her bare feet right where Dacey’s nose will be, as she’s coming down. When smart-ass Dacey mentions that it smells like it’s “cheese and frito time” Macy amps things up … by roughing Dacey up and putting her stinky Tae Kwon toes in Dacey’s smart mouth! In no time, she has the bratty, clueless student full-on worshiping her sweaty feet!

Dacey licks Macy’s soles and toes and sucks on her heel, as Macy instructs her on how to use her mouth to do something other than get her into trouble! But, even Dacey has her limit to how much foot-licking and toe-sucking she can handle! What happens when the rebellious student finally bites Macy’s big toe, in defiance? Find out now!

Duration: 18:46.325
Size: 725,163 Mb

Download – Hiii Yah Hahaha! Pt 6 Master of Foot Worship

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Face Full O’ Feet! Pt. 1 Macy and Alexa!

Alexa J. is an awesome ticklee, but this time, you get to witness her domme side! She has Macy Cartel bound and gagged on the floor, completely at her mercy. She then walks up, removes her stinky shoes and puts them right in Macy’s face!

Macy writhes and tries to avoid it, but her ordeal isn’t over yet! Soon, it’s Alexa’s socks and then her hot, sweaty, bare feet that Macy has to endure! Alexa takes a seat and puts her moist, stinky feet on Macy’s face as muffled screams come through Macy’s gag! And it looks like Alexa’s gotten pretty comfortable, so she may be there for a while!

Duration: 15:38.771
Size: 766,579 Mb

Download – Face Full O’ Feet! Pt. 1 Macy and Alexa!

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Dacey’s Foot Worship Apology!

Last time around, Dacey Harlot foot-tickled sexy Amazon, Ivy Secret into begging and pleading. Dacey knows that we subsist on the concept of tickle revenge, so she’s trying to get out of it. Fortunately for her, she’s very good at worshiping feet, and Ivy has a very big pair of them!

Dacey licks Ivy’s long, size 11 soles and sucks on each of her long, luscious toes. She still has to be mindful not to touch Ivy’s feet the wrong way, with her long, pointy fingernails, but all in all, it’s a welcome break from the tickle Ivy had to endure, last time. Now, it’s just Dacey’s warm, drooling tongue, bathing her tired, sensitive feet! Mmmmm!

Looks like Dacey has sole-licked and toe-sucked her way out of being tickled … this time!

Duration: 14:16.522
Size: 544,209 Mb

Download – Dacey’s Foot Worship Apology!

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Captain Marvel’s Crazed Foot Fan!

DISNEY/MARVEL PARODY! CUSTOM VIDEO: Captain Marvel returns home from an exhausting deep space mission, only to find crazed fan girl, Kitty Quinn, in her living room, sniffing her spare pair of boots! Weirded out and thoroughly annoyed, the cosmic-powered heroine prepares to throw her out, just as Kitty hands her a gift. The gift is a trap, however, and Captain Marvel soon finds herself powerless and at Kitty’s mercy!

In no time, Kitty has Captain Marvel tied up and gagged with one of her own stinky socks! She props the sexy superheroine’s feet up on a chair and begins sniffing her socked feet! And soon after, both socks are removed and Kitty worships Captain Marvel’s bare feet! She licks the entire length of the tall blonde’s size 9.5 soles as muffled protests escape through her gagged mouth!

Try as she might, Captain Marvel can’t escape. She’s too weakened and without her powers, even a nutty fan girl like Kitty can easily overpower her … and apparently have her way with her feet! Can our heroine escape? Will Kitty be blasted into atoms, for such an effrontery? Find out now, in this hilarious, customer-written foot fantasy!

Duration: 20:22.654
Size: 994,225 Mb

Download – Captain Marvel’s Crazed Foot Fan!

TAWorship – Big Sister Blackmail

Lily’s big step-sister Macy makes her life hell at home at school, always bullying her and telling her what to do. Well Lily has some dirt on Macy and video to prove it. For once in her life Lily has the upper hand and Macy will have to do what she says. She tells her that she must worship her feet if she doesn’t want step-mom and step-dad to find out and Macy reluctantly agrees. However, Macy discovers that little step-sister’s feet aren’t that bad and starts to really enjoy it.

Duration: 16:14.974
Size: 802,408 Mb

Download – Big Sister Blackmail