VincesFetishAdventure – Sneaky Foot Worship

Scarlett has her side girl Kody staying the night while Scarlett’s girlfriend Sophia is away on a business trip. While the two ladies snuggle in bed they hear a noise. Realizing Sophia came home early from her trip, Scarlett tells Kody to leave the apartment. Kody doesn’t want to get caught so she decides to hide on the floor on Scarlett’s side of the bed. As Sophia and Scarlett catch up, Kody can’t resist playing with Scarlett’s foot that’s just hanging off the side of the bed. Kody tickles and worship’s Scarlett’s foot while Scarlett tries to keep her composure not letting Sophia know there’s another girl in the room playing with her foot. As Sophia relaxes, Scarlett ushers Kody out of the room but Kody instead stops to worship Sophia’s feet. Scarlett has to pretend it’s her worshiping Sophia’s feet while she tries to get Kody to leave her girlfriend’s feet alone.

Length: 9:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sneaky Foot Worship

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