UmiliatiOffesi – L’insegnante The teacher #4

Its morning and I'm at home getting ready to go to work, I get dressed I take my chanel shoes, and while I'm about to wear them I think about the afternoon of the day before, those hours in the hotel I massage my feet then it's time to go wearing my shoes and go out. Meanwhile in the classroom Meryl and Valerie are small talking. Meryl says “you know I must confess a secret! yesterday I met a lady… you know those meetings that the principal provides us… So she was my aunt Sophie the prof!” Valerie “wow I can not believe, is it true? Maryl: Yes, I swear and you have to seen how a fetishist she is!” Valerie reply “unbelievable she looks so perfect, such a pious woman, I don’t know what I’ll do to lick her feet!” I walk into the classroom and I go to the desk I sit down and start to dictate the track for the theme, then I say to the girls “I go out for a moment I have to go to the principal”, I get up I feel a little 'observed especially my shoes.. I return to the classroom and sit down while the girls scrutinize every move of my feet as I go to the desk. I sit down and I start reading but I’m still observed. Maryl sneaks to the door and close it , then Valerie gets up and says they want to play with me. I don’t understand what they have in mind but Valerie adds “like yesterday…” I get up and go near Meryl, then I tell her “you! What did you told her?!,” “ is better that we settle down, we know you're a great fetishist, otherwise I'll send this to uncle” says Meryl showing me the selfie. “Okay what I have to do?” they want me to undress, I try to convince them, but there is no way so I do as they want.They also undress themselves, staying only in panties. While I walk in front of them, the girls put their legs on the desk and take off their shoes saying “come here and show us how do you lick our feet !” I’m worried and excited by the situation. I kneel and begin to lick first one then two and finally all the four feet, and the girls make me compliments for as lick, then they tell me to go up and put my hands on the desk, to spread my legs.They come to me, one on the right and the other on the left and begin to lick my legs slide down the calves come to the ankles, then they tell me to put me on tiptoe so they can admire my soles while I wear my shoes, I do it and feel their hands caressing my feet. I do feel that they massage the legs to the left and right, I feel their breasts slide on the plants of my feet .Meryl tells me “now, aunt Sofia, lye in front of us so we can take your feet and you can take our legs.” we start to lick our feet all together . After a while the bell rings. What a pity! we have to finish, we quickly dress up. the girls say goodbye to me. I wait a few seconds not to attract attention and then I go out of the classroom 

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