TMFFantasies – Sunshine & Mandy – ” Soles” Smelling Gym Feet Entrancement & Worship

Sunshine Tampa and Mandy Wolf return home after a workout class and are wiped. The girls start to take their shoes off when Sunshine mentions how stinky hers are. Mandy runs with it and starts insulting Sunshine’s stank soles despite her continuously mentioning how self conscious she is about them. After a few insults, Sunshine tells Mandy she needs to make amends by smelling her foot with one nice long deep whiff. Mandy rolls her eyes but does it to make nice. She takes a deep breath followed by another and another. Sunshine suggests that Mandy “worship” her feet to which Mandy does not protest. Seemingly, somewhat entranced by Sunshine’s soles, Mandy indulges in sniffing and licking her bare stinky feet. Once Sunshine is happy with Mandy’s hard work, she magically wakes her from her trance. Sunshine tells Mandy she was just sucking on her smelly feet and is clearly amused by Mandy’s disgusted reaction.

Length: 13:12
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sunshine & Mandy – ” Soles” Smelling Gym Feet Entrancement & Worship

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