TMFFantasies – Goddess Blondi & Little Luna – “While She Rests” Sneaky Amazon Foot Worship

Little Luna finds her roommate Goddess Blondi taking a snooze… a deep, deep snooze. She’s tries to wake her with no luck. She then smiles and walks down towards Blondi’s socked-soles. Luna is bursting with excitement as if she’s been patiently waiting for this moment. She proceeds to kneel next to Blondi’s feet, smell them in her socks, and snap some photos. Luna then mentions “how much money” these feet are going to make her. Phone in hand, she removes Blondi’s socks and begins to smell and worship her friend’s Amazonian size 14 feet. She takes selfies as she worships with the obvious intent of selling the content. She smiles and laughs happily as she licks Blondi’s resting feet from various angles.

Length: 10:34
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Goddess Blondi & Little Luna – While She Rests Sneaky Amazon Foot Worship

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