TMFFantasies – Ashlynn Taylor & Rachel Rivers – “Sole Licking Karma” Mesmerize Foot Worship

Rachel Rivers returns home from an intense workout to be greeted by her repulsive and lazy soon to be step-sister-in-law, Ashlynn Taylor. Ashlynn goes on a rant about how her step-brother is a man whore and likely has numerous “side bitches” besides Rachel. Rachel proceeds to remind Ashlynn that as soon as she’s married to Ashlynn’s step-brother, Ashlynn better get her act together or get EVICTED! Rachel claps in her face, putting Ashlynn into an unintentional but deep trance. Ashlynn stares mindlessly as Rachel tries to wake her. Eventually, Rachel shrugs at Ashlynn’s misfortune and decides to use this to her advantage, Ashlynn has always been a leeching bitch and now she’s going to pay the price! Rachel commands Ashlynn to kneel and worship her gorgeous feet. Ashlynn, in a full trance, obediently complies. She smells, kisses, and worships Rachel River’s divine soles until Rachel has been 100% satisfied. Rachel then decides to keep Ashlynn entranced and enslaved to serve her as an obedient and worthy future step-sister-in-law!

Length: 12:16
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn Taylor & Rachel Rivers – Sole Licking Karma Mesmerize Foot Worship

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