TMFFantasies – Ashlynn Taylor & Rachel Adams – “Bestie in a Bind” Bound Foot Worship

Rachel and Ashlynn made a silly bet that Ashlynn has taken WAY too far. Rachel wakes up nude and bound on the lounge floor. Ashlynn is SO excited to see her friend awake and eager to explain that Rachel had lost the bet and now she has to hold up her end of the deal. Ashlynn reveals her sock covered soles that have been marinating in her STINKIEST sneakers! She removes her white socks and tells Rachel to kiss them if she wants to be released. Rachel is extremely reluctant but bound so tightly in a hogtie that she has no other option. She kisses Ashlynn’s feet and is then told to suck her toes. Rachel continues to do as Ashlynn says until she is full blow sucking and licking every part of Ashlynn’s smelly soles and toes!

Length: 12:07
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn Taylor & Rachel Adams – Bestie in a Bind Bound Foot Worship

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