TMFFantasies – Ashlynn Taylor & Misty Meaner – “Smelly Sock Stoned” Mesmerize Foot Worship

Ashlynn and Misty have a lot of resentment and tolerate each other at best. It’s Misty’s turn to do laundry and Ashlynn inconsiderately litters her room with dirty and clean clothes, causing Misty to have to smell test each piece of clothing. She naively smells one of Ashlynn’s dirty sock and cannot manage to stop! The more she smells, the more she falls into a trance. When Ashlynn arrives hours later, Misty is sitting in her bed, eyes crossed, with Ashlynn’s sock pressed against her nose. Ashlynn giggles at Misty and realizes she’s unresponsive. She gets the sadistic idea to use this to her advantage and snaps her fingers at Misty along with a command. To her surprise, Misty obeys and smells Ashlynn’s socked feet. In hysterics, Ashlynn decides to get more comfy and thoroughly enjoy this moment. She commands Misty to remove her smelly socks, kiss her feet, and eventually lick them clean! Misty obeys ALL of Ashlynn’s foot worship commands and is subject to worshipping and gagging on Ashlynn’s smelly feet!

Length: 14:20
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn Taylor & Misty Meaner – Smelly Sock Stoned Mesmerize Foot Worship

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