TMFFantasies – Ashlynn & Sasha – “Smelly Sole Apology” Sneaky Taboo Foot Smelling & Worship

Ashlynn has taken a liking to Sasha’s smelly shoes and keeps them nearby on the sofa for frequent sniffing. Today, Ashlynn is caught off guard when Sasha comes storming around the corner looking for her missing sneakers. Quickly Ashlynn drops the shoes and pretends that she doesn’t realize they’re there, but Sasha is suspicious. She reminds Ashlynn to “stay out of her room!” and walks off. Feeling guilty, Ashlynn goes to Sasha’s room to apologize and finds her deep resting. Instead of trying to wake her, Ashlynn eyes Sasha’s socked feet and images how amazing they must smell. This is her chance! She carefully joins Sasha on the bed and smells and removes her socks. Sasha’s socks and feet smell heavenly and Ashlynn can’t resist a tongue touch. Once she gets a taste, Ashlynn can’t stop sucking and licking Sasha’s goddess feet even when she’s almost caught on a few occasions. Ashlynn continues to worship Sasha’s feet clean.

Length: 11:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn & Sasha – Smelly Sole Apology Sneaky Taboo Foot Smelling & Worship

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