TMFFantasies – Ashlynn & Reagan – “Finder App” Accidental Taboo Foot Worship Seduction

“Ashlynn is going through her phone on Finder which is like Tinder but only for lesbian foot dating. She is waiting for her date to show up. Finder doesn’t show faces on profiles, only pictures of feet. There’s a knock and the door and Ashlynn is stunned to see her college Professor Reagan standing at the door. Professor Reagan who is Ashlynn’s English Literature Professor is equally baffled, wondering if she’s got the right house. As Ashlynn questions her professor what she is doing at her house she suddenly realizes that Reagan is her date. Ashlynn asks Reagan if she is “Footlover129”.

Reagan is shocked and embarrassed. She tries to back out and leave but Ashlynn quickly grabs her and ushers her inside offering her professor a seat on the couch. Reagan who is really embarrassed is resistant, trying to get her way out of this. There’s no way Reagan would risk her job and reputation having relations with a student. Ashlynn shows Reagan all the dirty messages that Reagan sent to her on the Finder app and threatens to take this to the Dean of the college. Ashlynn teases her Professor and asks her what would happen if Reagan was caught taking advantage of her student like this?

Ashlynn doesn’t give Reagan any further chances to resist and immediately gets on her knees removing and inhaling Reagan’s high heels followed by inhaling, rubbing, nibbling and kissing her sweaty feet all the while she is seductively flirting with Reagan. Reagan keeps on resisting trying to get Ashlynn to stop, Ashlynn refuses and is worshipping Reagan’s feet and speaking seductive foot worship talk non-stop. Reagan tells Ashlynn to stop before it goes too far, Ashlynn replies that it already has gone too far and continues the foot worship whilst smelling Reagan’s feet and high heels, describing the cheesy smell to Reagan. Ashlynn tells Reagan to stop fighting her natural urges and give in to them. Ashlynn removes her stinky high heels and hands them to Reagan to inhale whilst Ashlynn is busy worshipping Reagan’s feet.

Whilst worshipping her feet Ashlynn tells Professor Reagan that she better get an A* in her English Literature class otherwise she will report the Finder messages to the Dean of the college and tell the Dean that Reagan seduced Ashlynn into worshipping her feet.

Reagan starts to lets out moans of pleasure whilst Ashlynn is sniffing, kissing and licking her stinky feet whilst Ashlynn continuous to seduce her with dirty talk about the cheesy smell and taste of her feet. Ashlynn tells her professor that when she is giving lectures about Shakespeare all Ashlynn can do is daydream about Reagan’s sexy sweaty, stinky feet.

Reagan starts to resist again so Ashlynn sits on Reagan’s lap facing her and starts to stroke her face gently and then seductively quotes Shakespeare to Reagan “Oh Professor though doth protest too much, methinks” then passionately makes out with Reagan whilst fondling her breasts. Reagan stops resisting and they make out for around 5 minutes.

Both ladies put their high heels back on. Ashlynn takes Reagan’s hand and walks her into the bedroom for more making out whilst removing eachother’s clothes whilst fondling eachother’s breasts, until they are both wearing only sexy lingerie and high heels On the bed they continue to make out and kiss each other all over their bodies. Reagan removes Ashlynn’s high heels then inhales them, followed by worshipping Ashlynn’s feet. Reagan comments on the smell of Ashlynn’s stinky high heels and vinegary taste of her sweaty feet. Ashlynn is letting out seductive moans of pleasure whilst Reagan is worshipping her feet saying things like “Ooh Professor” and “Ooh Professor Reagan”.

Both ladies are lying on the bed worshipping eachother’s feet at the same time kissing, nibbling, licking and sniffing eachother’s feet, rubbing them against eachother’s breasts, stopping only to kiss and make out with eachother. They also inhale eachother’s high heels a couple of times and comment on the taste of eachother’s toe jam whilst licking inbetween eachother’s toes. They lick whipped cream off eachothers bodies and feet.

Ashlynn and Reagan passionately kiss and make out for another 5 minutes until they collapse into each other’s arms, snuggled together. They continue to make out whilst rubbing their feet together. Reagan tells Ashlynn that she’s glad they matched on Finder and that Ashlynn seduced her. Ashlynn kisses Reagan and asks her to be her girlfriend. Reagan agrees and kisses Ashlynn back. After some more making out Ashlynn convinces Reagan to book a romantic getaway for them both to the Bahamas. Reagan is excited and agrees to it. Ashlynn tells her to book the honeymoon suite in the hotel as that’s where they’ll be spending most of their time. Both ladies make out some more then snuggle together until they both fall resting in eachothers arms.”

Length: 32:45
Resolution: 1920×1080

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