TMFFantasies – Ashlynn & Onyx – “Gravitate to Feet” Sneaky Foot Worship

Ashlynn wakes up on a casual Sunday morning and is ready for some gaming! To her surprise, Onyx is fast resting and not budging. Immediately, Ashlynn’s eyes gravitate towards Onyx’s feet. She can’t help but wonder what they must feel like. After verbally trying to wake her, Ashlynn wanders down to Onyx’s heels and has a quick taste.. which turns into an uncontrollable urge to continue. Ashlynn deeply sucks Onyx’s heels and then runs her tongue up and down her soles and arches. Ashlynn gives into her urge even more, picking Onyx’s feet up and holding them whilst worshipping them all over. At one point, Ashlynn is even brave enough to turn Onyx on her back from easier access! She then goes back to sucking toes and worshipping soles until she eventually gets caught!

Length: 10:57
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn & Onyx – “Gravitate to Feet” Sneaky Foot Worship

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