TMFFantasies – Ashlynn & Nyxon – “Taboo Foot Seduction” Smelly Lesbian Foot Worship

Ashlynn is lying on the couch face down fast resting having been out at a club all night. Nyxon walks in exhausted from work and is shocked by the mess in the house and to find her stepdaughter lying on the couch. Nyxon starts to complain that Ashlynn is an adult, too lazy to work and can’t even clean up after herself. She picks up a dirty sock and sniffs it but suddenly drops it because the smell is too strong and starts to wave her hands to clear the air.

Nyxon gently shakes Ashlynn awake yelling at her to get up and starts to give the usual “Step mom talk down” asking why Ashlynn is resting at 4:00 PM in the afternoon and why the house is such a mess. Ashlynn replies that she was out at the club with her girlfriends and went to a house party afterwards so didn’t get home until after 8:00 AM. Nyxon is shocked because she was out of the house to go to the office before 8:00 AM. She starts to berate Ashlynn that she is too lazy to get a job, too lazy to clean up after herself and lives rent free with her Step-Dad and Stepmom. Ashlynn and Nyxon start to argue.

Ashlynn finally comes clean with her stepmom that she does have a job and it pays really well. Nyxon is shocked and can’t believe it. Ashlynn sits on the couch takes out her laptop and starts playing the videos from her website and seductively seducing Nyxon with dirty talk about stinky feet and foot worship whilst gently caressing Nyxon’s face cheeks. Nyxon is horrified at first and tries to resist Ashlynn’s seduction but is getting more turned on with each word. Ashlynn starts to kiss Nyxon all over her face, body and neck then finally passionately makes out with her stepmom.

Ashlynn asks Nyxon how long she’s been on her feet and Nyxon replies all day as Ashlynn gets on her knees and removes Nyxon’s high heels to inhale them. She begins to massage Nyxon’s sweaty feet whilst inhaling them and commenting how damp and sweaty they are. Ashlynn licks and kisses her stepmom’s feet with lots of dirty stepmom/stepdaughter dirty talk pausing the foot worship only to inhale Nyxon’s high heels. Ashlynn describes the smell and taste of Nyxon’s feet as sour kind of like onions. Nyxon is turned on but embarassed and admits that she has always been ashamed about her foot odor. Ashlynn tells her that it’s sexy and to embrace it. Ashlynn licks Nyxon’s toe jam in between her toes and comments that it tastes like mustard. Ashlynn removes her high heels and passes them to Nyxon to inhale. Nyxon comments that they smell really cheesy as she passionately inhales them.

Ashlynn climbs on top of Nyxon and passionately makes out with her stepmom whilst they both fondle and declare their love for eachother with lots of stepmommy/stepdaughter dirty talk. Next Nyxon gets on her knees and worships Ashlynn’s sweaty feet and licks out the toe jam. After some more making out both ladies take their high heels and head to the bedroom where they undress to their sexy lingerie and worship eachother’s sweaty feet with lots of dirty talk about the smell and taste of eachother’s sweaty feet. During the foot worship they inahle eachother’s feet and high heels continuously and make out with eachother inbetween. They also rub eachother’s feet against their breasts and slowly across eachother’s faces and tongues.

Whilst making out Ashlynn convinces her stepmom Nyxon to star in a video with her tomorrow for her website. Nyxon is excited and agrees, Nyxon tells Ashlynn that she loves her and wants to leave her step-father for Ashlynn. Ashlynn reciprocates Nyxon’s feelings and they make out some more. Ashlynn and Nyxon get dressed and agree to go for a romantic dinner followed by more dancing at the club so their feet are sweaty for the shoot tomorrow. They kiss and make out some more then hold hands to leave the house for the restaurant as the scene fades.

Length: 31:50
Resolution: 1920×1080

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