TMFFantasies – Ashlynn & Nathalia – “Mesmerized by Foot Model” Mesmerize Worship

Foot model Nathalia has her feet up on the table, snapping feet pics for her fans. Ashlynn, who is staying with Nathalia’s, storms in bitching saying things like “we eat there” and “that’s disguising”. Ashlynn can’t understand what guys see in Nathalia’s feet, and Nathalia isn’t happy about it! After all, this is what pays the bills while Ashlynn pays ZERO! Insulted, Nathalia demands and apology and tells Ashlynn to kiss her feet! If she doesn’t, Ashlynn will have to find a new couch to crash! Ashlynn leans in for a single peck and is instantly entranced by Nathalia’s divine feet! Nathalia laughs at what a “stupid bitch” Ashlynn is and now she’s going to help pay the bills… for once! Nathalia commands Ashlynn worship her feet on the table (where they eat) while she snaps photos and videos for her fan site! Ashlynn has no choice but to obey. She licks all over Nathalia’s feet, not missing a single spot. Once her feet are clean and well shined, Nathalia claps in Ashlynn’s face, waking her from her daze. Ashlynn comes to confused and now smitten by Nathalia’s pretty feet. She’s feels so lucky to be in her presence, as so many men would give everything they own to have this privilege! Nathalia’s asks Ashlynn if she would like to take part in some foot content for the fans, and Ashlynn eagerly volunteers, going back to worshipping her feet once again!

Length: 15:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn & Nathalia – “Mesmerized by Foot Model” Mesmerize Worship

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