TMFFantasies – Ashlynn & Indica – “Rivals Turned Lovers” Sensual Lesbian Foot Worship

The script is that you (Ashlynn) come home after a hard days work and sit on your couch resting your high heel feet on the table. Your step-brother’s Fiancé Indica walks into the room having just got home from work and you greet each other. You are not happy to see each other since you are always a bitch to Indica and think that your step-brother could do much better than a skank like her. You make this clear to her and also that you can’t wait until they are married so they can get a place of their own. Indica tells you that she thinks you are lazy and never do anything round the house. Indica notices your high heel feet are up on the table. She is shocked and tells you to take your feet off the table, it’s disgusting and that’s where you all sometimes eat. You refuse in a super bitchy/sarcastic way and tell Indica that you’ve had a long day at work and you want to relax. Indica waves her hand in the air to clear your foot stench, complaining that she can smell your feet from where she’s standing. You tell her that you’re feet have been sweating and marinating all day long. After a little back and forth you tell Indica if she wants your stinky feet off the table she’ll need to take them off herself. Indica hesitantly gets on her knees and grabs one foot, as she lifts it to take it off the table the foot is closer to her face and she accidently breaths in your foot stench. Indica is a little taken aback and takes a couple more whiffs then looks at you whilst holding your high heel foot in her hand. She tells you that your feet stink so bad but she feels confused because she kind of likes it? You are intrigued and convince her to remove one of your shoes and inhale it. She is very hesitant but she complies. Indica is entranced and turned on by the smell of your high heel shoe and after a few more whiffs she puts your shoe down and grabs your bare foot and rubs it telling you that it’s still damp and sticky from the sweat. Indica surprises you by starting to smell your sweaty foot taking deep whiffs and rubbing it all over her face and lips. Then she removes your other shoe, inhales it and then sniffs and rubs your other bare foot against her face and lips. She is totally smitten by your scent describing the stinky cheesy smell to you. Indica starts to kiss your feet continuously switching between kissing them and sniffing them whilst you let out moans of pleasure, Indica is slowly, seductively rubbing your feet over her face, mouth and lips whilst inhaling them. She inhales in-between your toes and continues to kiss your feet all over and gently nibbling your feet. Indica licks up and down your feet describing the cheesy taste to you. Next she takes both her hands and sticks her fingers in-between all your toes and rubs them, telling you how wet and sweaty in between your toes are then removes both her hands and inhales her toe jam infused fingers ecstatic by the stench. Next she slowly and seductively sucks the sweat off her fingers as if she is licking cream off them whilst maintaining eye contact with you whilst describing the cheesy taste. This turns on you on majorly and you tell Indica that you love her, she responds that she loves you too. You grab her hands and gently pull her onto the sofa next to you and passionately make out with her. You apologize to Indica for always treating her like garbage and being such a bitch to her and she also apologizes for always being so mean back to you, after you both apologize to each other you continue to make out whilst fondling each other’s breasts, kissing each other’s necks pausing only for you both to declare your love for each other then resuming making out. You have an intense make out session with each other making out for around 5 minutes. Indica tells you that her feet are also super sweaty and have been marinating all day long. This really excites you and turns you on. Next Indica puts her high heel feet up on the table and you remove her shoes one by one inhaling them before moving to rub and inhale her damp sweaty feet describing the vinegary smell to her. Next you begin to sniff, kiss and nibble her feet whilst Indica moans with pleasure. You slowly rub her sweaty feet all over your face and lips whilst inhaling them and telling Indica her feet smell like vinegar. You lick her salty feet describing the taste as both salty and vinegary. You inhale and lick the sweaty, vinegary toe-jam in-between her toes. Indica grabs your hands and gently pulls you onto the couch next to her and you both passionately make out again. You hold Indica’s hand and guide her to the bedroom whilst kissing her neck and cheeks whilst each of you carries each other’s high heels in your hands. In the bedroom you both make out whilst removing each other’s clothes until you are both fully naked. Whilst on the bed your kiss each other all over your naked bodies, necks, faces, breasts, make out with each other and worship each other’s feet.

Length: 30:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn & Indica – “Rivals Turned Lovers” Sensual Lesbian Foot Worship

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