TMFetish – Ashlynn & Onyx – “Sniff it BITCH!” Mesmerize Foot Worship & Slave Training

Onyx Kim just gets back from the gym and her feet are excruciating. She wore the wrong type of shoe because her usual pair of trainers have been missing. When she mentions this to Ashlynn Taylor, she realizes she accidentally donated Onyx’s sneakers. Onyx is livid and says Ashlynn has to pay her back. Ashlynn apologizes again as it was an honest mistake. Onyx decides an appropriate compensation would be for Ashlynn to sniff her sweaty gym feet. Ashlynn, feeling guilty as every, agrees. She removes Onyx’s sneakers and takes a big whiff. The smell is so potent, it sends Ashlynn into a trance. Now, mesmerized by the powerful smell, Onyx has her way with Ashlynn’s mouth. Her feet hurt terribly so she makes Ashlynn kiss, and worship her feet in various positions until she feels satisfied. Since Ashlynn is so useful, Onyx decides to keep her this way for a while, as there are many chores to be done around the house.

Length: 15:23
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn & Onyx – “Sniff it BITCH!” Mesmerize Foot Worship & Slave Training

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