TMFetish – Ashlynn Kody & London – Three-Way Feet Fantasy Bound Lesbian Foot Worship

Ashlynn is expecting Kody and London to visit. Ashlynn has always had a foot fetish and has always dreamed of worshipping two pairs of feet at once. Kody comes in first and mentions London is still in the car on a phone call. Kody also mentions she is very tired after working all day but really wanted to visit. Kody begins to take her shoes off. As she is about to remove her other shoe, Ashlynn subdues her and places her on the sofa as if she fell asleep. Shortly after, London arrives. She notices Kody on the sofa and Ashlynn said she was completely exhausted from work and was taking a quick nap. London jokes about Kody only removing one shoe. Just as London removes one of her shoes, Ashlynn strikes again. Shortly after, both girls are tied up and gagged side by side with their feet up. Both girls still missing one shoe. As they awake they look at each other scared and start to panic. Ashlynn comes in the room and confesses what she has always dreamed of doing. She then removes the remaining shoes and begins to sniff their sweaty socks. The girls become even more nervous. After the socks are removed Ashlynn teases the girls by putting their socks against their nose. Ashlynn jokes “Oh come on, they can’t be that bad!” Ashlynn then begins to worship both girls feet, licking their soles and sucking their toes. Throughout the remainder of the video, the girls moan back and forth to each other.

Length: 10:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn Kody & London – Three-Way Feet Fantasy Bound Lesbian Foot Worship

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