TMFetish – Ashlynn & Indica – “Seducing the College Dean” Lesbian Mesmerize Foot Worship

Your college Dean Professor Indica visits your home. She’s found the paper that you wrote about mesmerizing previously in Professor Reagan’s class. You invite Indica to sit on your couch so you can discuss. She asks where your parents are but you tell her that they’re away on holiday and won’t be back for a few weeks. Professor Indica informs you how inappropriate the paper was but that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. She grabs another paper from her bag that you recently submitted in Professor Reagan’s class which is all about mesmerizing Professor Indica and having your way with her sweaty stinky feet. She reads a few extracts such as you want to worship her feet, you want to lick the sweat from her feet,bathe in the sweat from her stinky feet etc.

You don’t hide anything and tell Professor Indica the truth that you plan to make love to her feet, inhale her scent etc. You think Professor Indica is so sexy and you are in love with her, it’s definitely more than a crush. Professor Indica is horrified by this firstly, she’s not into women and believes to have such impure thoughts about women and their feet is a sin but worst of all she is your college Dean and she could loose her job over this. Whilst she is horrified she isn’t too hard on you and tries to let you down gently by explaining all of this. You are her student and she has a duty to you.

The other problem is the schoolgirl outfit that you are wearing is totally inappropriate for an all girls college and apparently you have been trying to seduce a few of the female teachers’. This is unacceptable and Professor Indica will need to speak with your parents about this.

Professor Indica starts going through the paper that you wrote about her reading out the filthy extracts about her sweaty feet. You tell Professor Indica that her feet must be so tired and sweaty from marinating in the heels all day, she should put her feet on your lap for a massage. Indica complies, completely unaware of it refusing and saying how inappropriate it would be. You remove Professor Indica’s high heels and take several whiffs of her seducing scent (lots of dirty talk from you describing the cheesy smell of her shoes and whilst you massage her feet for a couple of minutes). Indica continues to read extracts from the paper you wrote about worshipping her feet disgusted by it and questioning you. You continue to justify yourself whilst sniffing and kissing her feet. You continuously switch between sniffing her high heels, her feet and kissing them. You lick her feet and even nibble them for good measure. Indica is oblivious to what you are doing whilst you worship her feet as she continuous to quote extracts from your paper and question you about them whilst you justify yourself. Indica eventually stops questioning you since she’s totally mesmerised by your foot worship and seductive words. Indica lets out moans and cries of pleasure whilst you worship her stinky feet at one point it’s a little too loud so you prompt her to sshhh reminding her that she wouldn’t want your neighbors to walk in on you both,just think of the shame and what the people at Indica’s church would say let alone she would lose her job for having relations with a student.

You cradle Professor Indica in your arms and whisper dirty talk to her whilst kissing her cheeks and telling her that she will become your full-time lover/foot pet. Professor Indica repeats your every word and whenever you ask her a question she answers “Yes mistress”. You climb onto Indica’s lap facing her for a super long make out session. You unbutton Indica’s shirt and remove it to reveal sexy lingerie whilst making out with her. You fondle and kiss her breasts whilst you make out with her. You also remove your top to reveal your lingerie/bra so she can fondle and kiss your breasts whilst making out. After a long make out session you place your feet on Indica’s lap and order her to remove your high heels. Indica is a little resistant and unsure/confused, she’s not a lesbian and definitely not into such dirty filthy things such as foot worship. She is a good Christian woman. You mesmerize/hyponotise her further with your dirty talk whilst gently stroking and kissing her face. You caress her face and tell Indica that she is now a lesbian and is madly in love with you which she admits. You make out with her and tell her that you love her too before ordering her to remove your high heels which she complies “Yes mistress”. You order her to massage your feet and take deep whiffs of your sweaty shoes and feet. You make her describe the cheesy smell to you.

You click your fingers and Indica launches into a tirade about how wrong and ungodly your dirty thoughts are. Professor Indica will definitely be speaking with your parents about your behavior and the paper you wrote about her. Perhaps someone from Indica’s church could speak with you? The entire time that Indica is giving the tirade she is completely oblivious that she is sniffing, kissing and nibbling your stinky feet whilst you let out moans and seductive cries of pleasure “Oooh Professor Indica”.

Next you sit Indica up and cradle her in your arms kissing her cheeks,neck and lips telling her that it’s time to head to the bedroom. She repeats your words as she is fully mesmarised now and whatever doubts she previously had have evaporated. You pick up your stinky high heels and place them in Indica’s hand whilst you hold her stinky high heels in yours’. With your arms around Indica and kissing her neck/cheeks you slowly guide her to your bedroom and lay her on your bed so you can worship and kiss her entire body taking more whiffs of her stinky high heels in the process. Whilst you are doing this you order her to continue inhaling your sweaty high heel shoes. You worship her feet, pausing only to kiss and make out with her, she does the same with you.

Throughout the rest of the video the two of you inhale, kiss and nibble each other’s bare feet, ensuring to lick the toejam between the toes and describing the smell and taste to eachother which is a major turn on for you both. You rub eachother’s stinky feet other eachother’s bodies and breasts. Inbetween the foot worship you both keep taking regular breaks to intensely make out with eachother then resume the foot worship. You convince Indica to book a romantic getaway for you both to the Bahamas. You tell Indica to book the honeymoon suite for you both as that’s where you’ll both be spending most of your time together on vacation. Indica agrees and can’t wait to go for a romantic getaway with you.

Indica tells you how much she loves you and your smelly feet and you reciprocate her feelings telling her that you love her too and her divine feet/foot stench. You continue to make out and you ask Indica if she can remember why she came to your house, she can’t remember and you remind her that it was to speak with your parents to inform them what an A* student you are and that you’ve made it to the top of the Dean’s list. Indica then remembers and repeats exactly what you said. You continue to kiss and make out with Indica, finally collapsing in eachother’s arms. Whilst lying in bed snuggled together and kissing you rub your sweaty feet together. Finally after a super long make out session you both fall asleep in eachother’s arms snuggled together.

Length: 46:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

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