TMFetish – Ashlynn & Dalvina – “Can’t Handle My Feet” Mesmerize Foot Smelling & Worship

Ashlynn is aware that her roommate Dalvina has a very successful fan site is a DESPERATE to book her for her fetish studio. She pitches the idea to Queen Dalvina who says Ashlynn wouldn’t be able to handle the stench of her feet long enough to even get through one video. Ashlynn giggles as she can handle ANYTHING. Dalvina slowly removes her sneakers, and says they VERY stinky after her workout. She then instructs Ashlynn to smell her stinky shoe first.
VFX shot – The stench of the sneaker hits Ashlynn in the face and she falls into a trance.
Ashlynn is now mesmerized and Dalvina simply says “told ya so”. Dalvina then has fun with Ashlynn who is a mindless foot slave. Dalvina makes Ashlynn sniff her feet and then worship in multiple positions. She realizes then that Ashlynn is in a deep trance and says hopefully the effects wear wear off over time. For now, Ashlynn is Dalvina’s little slave girl. She tells her to clean her room, and do all the house chores including mopping and sweeping. Ashlynn remains mindless and obedient.

Length: 16:05
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn & Dalvina – “Can’t Handle My Feet” Mesmerize Foot Smelling & Worship

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