TMFetish – Ashlynn & Ayla “Gamer’s Slipper Soles” Sneaky Foot Worship

Ayla is addicted to video games and refuses to share the TV with Ashlynn who hopelessly tries to peel Ayla away. Ashlynn storms off and Ayla continues her game until she gets so exhausted, she takes a snooze. Ashlynn find Ayla like this, taking a rest in the same spot she’s been in for 12 hours, in the same clothes, and in the same worn slippers. Ashlynn quietly tries to find the remote so she can have a turn with the big screen – then she smells something pungent. She sniffs around for a second before removing Ayla’s slippers and identifying them as the smelly culprit. Ashlynn curiously removes the other slipper to compare the stench. They both smell equally smelly and Ashlynn smirks as she takes a few more whiffs. She then checks to make sure Ayla’s realllyyy asleep before having her way with her resting slipper soles. Ashlynn smells and licks Ayla’s ripe vinegary feet. She lifts her feet up to get better access as she sneakily indulges in Ayla’s irresistible smelly feet. Ashlynn even confiscates a little snack for later.

Length: 11:55
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ashlynn & Ayla “Gamer’s Slipper Soles” Sneaky Foot Worship

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