TheFootInfatuation – Footbitch Zombie Boy Controlled

My footbitch zombie boy- controlled by your masters feet and stentch. Who owns you? Let’s hear it, ” MASTER TAY” … you’re owned. Me and my friends are using you to fund our dinners and pedicures. I tell them all about you, my human credit card and we laugh at you. The mind melting chemicals of my foot stench permeate your brain and make you more addicted to me. I dispose my footdust and nail clippings in your mouth. You’re my garbage disposal. Get my foot stink up your nose! You’re mine, all mine. Are you going to spoil your master? Prove your worth? Who do you live to spoil? Who has the best feet in the world?

Length: 3:24
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Footbitch Zombie Boy Controlled

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