TheFootFantasy – Weekly Foot Worship Meet

When Slyyy called, Carmen rushed over, she couldn’t wait to get to her hot friends house. Carmen arrives and she knows what she is there for, she’s been thinking about Slyyy’s feet all week since the last time they had a foot worship get together. Carmen and Slyyy do their sexy foot worship date, once a week every week, Slyyy has her feet on the table in socks and read for Carmen. Carmen peels off her socks and worships Slyyy’s feet as Slyyy moans rubbing herself. Carmen enjoys licking and sucking making Slyyy’s feet as wet as her pussy and when Slyyy cums it’s Carmen’s turn. Carmen puts her feet up and Slyyy gets next to them, ready to worship and please Carmen just like Carmen pleased her and her feet.

Length: 20:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Weekly Foot Worship Meet

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