TheFootFantasy – Sushii Earns Her White Karate Belt

Mandy and Sushii are in the dojo and Mandy has Sushii’s white belt, if she wants it she’s going to have to improve the strength in her feet. Mandy knows Sushii wants the belt and she tells Sushii to worship her own feet. Mandy takes Sushii’s left foot and licks it, worshiping, Showing Sushii how to do it. Sushii grabs her right foot bringing it to her mouth, she licks her soles and sucks her own toes just as Mandy is doing to her left foot. This will surely get Sushii’s feet strong and make this karate girl white belt ready.

Length: 10:32
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sushii Earns Her White Karate Belt

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