TheFootFantasy – Step Sister Sneaky & Sleepy Foot Worship

MANDY CANDY has a new step SISTER, MORGAN ROB, and the girls have been getting along really well. MANDY hasn’t come to tell her new STEP-SISTER that she has a FOOT FETISH yet and loves her SISTERS FEET. Instead MANDY waits until MORGAN is resting and comes in her bedroom. MORGAN is on top of the covers with her FEET in SOCKS. MANDY gets down by MORGAN’S FEET, the moment she’s been waiting for making sure MORGAN is in a deep rest. MANDY peels off MORGAN’S SOCKS and gets a good look at her SISTERS sexy SOLES. MANDY can’t hold out any longer and LICKS up MORGAN’S SOLES, KISSING and SUCKING her FEET and TOES. MANDY has been waiting to FOOT WORSHIP her new step SISTER for a long time and now she’s getting MORGAN’S virgin FEET. Hopefully, MORGAN will stay resting so MANDY doesn’t get caught as she LICKS and WORSHIPS her SISTERS FEET.

Length: 8:32
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Step Sister Sneaky & Sleepy Foot Worship

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