TheFootFantasy – Stefania & Mandy Pantyhose Foot Worship

STEFANIA and MANDY just got back to MANDY’S after a long night shift at work in their HIGH HEELS and PANTYHOSE the girls are on the bed talking about work. The club wasn’t full tonight but they were still busy dancing and on their FEET, both girls still have SORE FEET from the night. MANDY decides her and STEFANIA should solve that problem and take off their HIGH STILETTO HEELS. STEFANIA goes to remove her SHOE but MANDY tells STEFANIA they should do each others and give each other a little FOOT MASSAGE with it too. It’s getting really sexy with STEFANIA and MANDY together, helping take off one anothers HIGH HEELS, with their LEGS intertwined in their PANTYHOSE rubbing together. These hot BRUNETTE STRIPPERS are turned on and hot for each other as they start to relieve the FOOT PAIN on one another with FOOT WORSHIP. LICKING long LICKS on each others SOLES and SUCKING the TOES, making the HOSE so WET as they MOAN from the pleasure of the PANTYHOSE FOOT WORSHIP. Watch STEFANIA MAFRA & MANDY CANDY FOOT WORSHIP in NYLONS after work at the strip club.

Length: 10:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Stefania & Mandy Pantyhose Foot Worship

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