TheFootFantasy – Roxie Worships Kitty Quinn’s Feet

Roxie Rae is really into Kitty Quinn’s sexy and Small size 6.5/7 feet as she lays on the bed, next to her blonde friend, directly at her feet. Roxie lifts Kitty’s feet asking her size, and telling Kitty to spread her toes, point her toes and wrinkle her soles. Roxie tests her friends soles to see if they are ticklish and they are and then Roxie asks Kitty how she feels about foot worship. Before Kitty can answer Roxie has the blondes feet in her mouth, licking up Kitty’s soles with her long tongue until she reaches the toes. Kitty loves foot worship and is really liking how Roxie took it upon herself to start licking and worshiping. Roxie makes Kitty’s soles and toes all warm, wet, and shiny with her mouth, both enjoying every inch and second of the first time foot worship. It won’t be the last time Roxie has Kitty’s feet in her mouth, that’s for sure.

Length: 9:23
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Roxie Worships Kitty Quinn’s Feet

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