TheFootFantasy – Roxie Transfers Karate Power To Sadie

Black belt, ROXIE RAE and red belt SADIE HOLMES are in the KARATE DOJO meditating, BAREFOOT in their KARATE GI UNIFORMS. SADIE speaks up to ROXIE and tells ROXIE that she doesn’t think the meditation is helping to make her any stronger or her BIG SIZE 10 FEET more powerful. ROXIE reaches over and removes SADIE’S belt as she instructs SADIE to strip from her GI, she ensures SADIE she knows exactly what to do. Once SADIE is NAKED,ROXIE grabs her FEET and starts to LICK and WORSHIP. ROXIE is going to transfer KARATE power to SADIE by GRINDING her CLIT with her LITTLE SIZE 5 FEET as she WORSHIPS SADIE’S FEET and SOLES at the same time. SADIE MOANS and ROXIE knows her technique is working. The girls can feel the power increasing as the WETNESS increases. Once SADIE CUMS she will be BLACK BELT ready!

Length: 8:30
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Roxie Transfers Karate Power To Sadie

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