TheFootFantasy – Roxie Rae’s Candid Foot Worship On Akira

ROXIE RAE is very excited to finally get to WORSHIP the young 19 year old AKIRA SHELL’S FEET. ROXIE has AKIRA in her bed, in the model room in her house with AKIRA’S FEET in her lap. ROXIE holds AKIRA’S sexy SOLES up as she shows them off to you,having AKIRA POINT her TOES and WRINKLE her SOLES as she interviews AKIRA about her FEET. ROXIE can’t wait to TASTE them as she puts her MOUTH on AKIRA’S SOLES, LICKING and SUCKING on them as she MOANS! AKIRA’S FEET are as delicious as they look! ROXIE SUCKS AKIRA’S TOES and AKIRA goes into total sub space, MOANING and GETTING WET in her PANTIES as ROXIE makes her SOLES drip in her SPIT.

Length: 7:50
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Roxie Rae’s Candid Foot Worship On Akira

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