TheFootFantasy – Pumpkin Carving Punishment

Mandy really wants to carve pumpkins and celebrate Halloween while they are in their costumes, but Meiko isn’t really in the mood to go out get pumpkins and carve them. Meiko wants to party not spend Halloween inside, elbow deep in pumpkin guts. Mandy begs Meiko and Meiko finally tells Mandy if she does something for her she will entertain Mandy’s idea and go to the pumpkin patch with her. Meiko wants to see how desperate Mandy is and she tells Mandy to worship her feet, lick her soles and suck her toes and she will go. Mandy thinks Meiko is joking at first and when she realizes her friend is completely serious, she drops to her knees sitting by Meiko’s big feet. Mandy must be really desperate because she does exactly as Meiko told her and starts to kiss, lick, suck and worship on Meiko’s soft soles and toes. If Mandy can manage to lick feet then Meiko decides she can manage to go with Mandy and spend Halloween pumpkin carving.

Length: 16:19
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Pumpkin Carving Punishment

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