TheFootFantasy – Pre Halloween Treat

It’s almost time for Macy and Stefania to go out for Halloween night and they are all dressed and ready in their costumes as they wait. Macy knows Stefania is in sneakers but she really wants her friend to wear heels. It will be a long night but Macy has an idea to convince Stefania, telling Stef that she knows a technique to keep her feet from hurting after. Stefania is curious and Macy gets on the floor at her feet. Macy removes Stefania’s socks and sneakers, and starts to lick her friends feet, worshiping. Stefania is in shock but Macy assures her this works. A little annoyed, Stefania lets Macy continue, the foot worship does feel good on her small size 6.5 feet. Stefania isn’t convinced this is going to work but Macy wasn’t going to take no for an answer so she might as well pass the time until the party with her feet in Macy’s mouth.

Length: 15:59
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Pre Halloween Treat

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