TheFootFantasy – Pantyhose For Christmas

Mandy has gotten her girlfriend Cleo lots of sexy pantyhose for Christmas and Cleo is enjoying them very much, wearing a pair now that Mandy gifted her. Mad is ready to take advantage of the soft sexy gift she got her girl as she sits by Cleo’s pantyhose encased feet, tying Cleo’s ankles so her feet don’t move anywhere. Mandy is ready to take full advantage of the gift she got for Cleo but really for herself as she starts licking and sucking on Cleo’s pantyhose encased soles and toes, moaning and enjoying the sexy feet taste of Cleo for Christmas. Mandy isn’t the only one enjoying the foot worship, Cleo moans and touches herself rubbing her pussy with her hands over her pantyhose while Mandy licks her feet, making them wetter and wetter getting Cleo wetter and wetter until she cums in the nylons from Mandy hot foot worship all over her pantyhose feet.

Length: 16:06
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Pantyhose For Christmas

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