TheFootFantasy – Off The Field

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Opposing team captains Mandy and Stefania bet on the baseball game to day but Mandy’s team couldn’t pull through for her. After the game, Stefania confronts Mandy in the locker room telling her now it’s time to pay up and she wants her feet worshiped. Mandy is disgusted as Stef tells her to get down at the feet and get her sneakers off. Mandy obeys unenthusiastically and then it gets worse when Stefania makes her smell the sneakers and the socked feet. Stefania giggles as she humiliates and dominates Mandy at her feet, telling Mandy to lick and smell the socks before she has Mandy peel them off her sweaty feet. Mandy follows Stefania’s instructions and finds herself licking Stefania’s sweaty baseball feet, licking and sucking and worshiping. Next time Mandy’s team wins she is going to make Stefania pay for this!

Length: 15:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

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