TheFootFantasy – New Short Stop

Rennadel’s baseball team is ranked the worst in the league but Courtney happens to be the captain of the most winning team. Rennadel finds herself alone with Courtney in the locker room, giggling over her win. Rennadel tells the team captain she wants to be on her team and actually win. Courtney already has a short stop but maybe she could let Rennadel join. Courtney tells Rennadel to get down at her feet and remove her sweaty sneakers. This blonde is going to text Rennadel and see how bad she wants the spot, telling Rennadel to smell her socks, remove them and smell and worship her bare and sweaty size 8’s. Rennadel is desperate and she does whatever she is told, following every instruction and showing Courtney on her feet how bad she wants to win.

Length: 12:25
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – New Short Stop

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