TheFootFantasy – Misty Meaner’s First Foot Worship

Kitty Quinn has her new friend Misty Meaner barefoot and in her bed, of course Kitty’s face is at Misty’s feet as the blonde ask her friend about her feet. Kitty watches as Misty toe spreads and points, wrinkles her soles and answers questions about her feet. Kitty runs her nails up and down Misty’s soft and sensitive soles asking her if she’s ticklish as Misty giggles and squirms. Kitty can’t resist any longer and asks Misty about foot worship, if she likes it but Kitty finds out Misty hasn’t done it before. Kitty loves a first and she immediately starts to lick and kiss on Misty’s bare feet, toes and soles. It turns out, Misty loves the foot worship as Kitty makes her soles wet, she moans in pleasure, letting Kitty fully have her feet.

Length: 15:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Misty Meaner’s First Foot Worship

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