TheFootFantasy – Macy & Stefania Karate Foot Grinding

Macy and Stefania are in the dojo, Macy had Stefania come ready in just her gi top and panties today. Instead of fighting today Macy has an exercise for her and Stefania to work out their feet and make them stronger. Macy tells Stefania to spread her legs. Macy puts her foot right on Stefania’s panties and starts rubbing and grinding making Stefania moan. Stefania loves it but it’s also making Macy’s karate feet nice and strong, Macy rubs with her right foot, left foot and both feet until she works Stefania up so much that Stefania cums. Now it’s Stefania’s turn. Macy’s feet are feeling strong and she spreads her legs for Stef. Stefania rubs Macy’s panties and pussy just like Macy did to her, making her blonde friend moan. Stefania rubs, grinds, and toe wiggles working out her karate feet on Macy until Macy cums in her panties. These girls are ready for their next fights now!

Length: 10:46
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Macy & Stefania Karate Foot Grinding

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