TheFootFantasy – Lesbian Foot Worship Cheaters

Porn Stars, CLEO and ROXANNE RAE love to get away from their boyfriends for girls night. What the boyfriends of these girls don’t know is, exactly what ROXANNE RAE and CLEO are doing on girls night. These sexy FOOT lovers are in bed in their LINGERIE ready to have their girls fun as CLEO climbs down to ROXANNE’S SIZE 9 BARE FEET and LICKS them. Both CLEO and ROXANNE have a severe FOOT FETISH and love to get together for WET FOOT WORSHIP fun behind their boyfriends backs. ROXANNE and CLEO LICK each others FEET and SUCKS each other TOES making them SHINY and WET with their MOUTHS and SPITS as they MOAN in pleasure. Watch CLEO and ROXANNE RAE have sexy GIRL-GIRL, LESBIAN FOOT WORSHIP fun.

Length: 9:16
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Lesbian Foot Worship Cheaters

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