TheFootFantasy – Lela Beryl Karate Feet JOI

LELA BERYL is a sexy, strong, and experienced KARATE GIRL, and she knows why you come to this DOJO. LELA sits in front of you after class with her BARE and powerful FEET in your face, ground level. LELA knows how much you love strong girls who can beat you down and how much it turns you on. LELA is going to let you have some fun today since you took her FEET so well! LELA lets you pull your hard cock out of your gi as she teases you with the FEET that took you down, TOE POINTING and WIGGLING, as she WRINKLES her SOLES and gives you JOI to her sexy FEET. This hot KARATE GIRL is going to let you CUM to her TOES and SOLES but wait for her CUM COUNTDOWN and maybe you can release all over her KARATEA FEET.

Length: 8:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Lela Beryl Karate Feet JOI

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