TheFootFantasy – Honey’s Honey Toes

Nika has a sexy little surprise for her girlfriend Honey and she had Honey get all sexy ready for her. Nika sits with Honey and tells her she has a new little 4play idea in mind, getting down to Honey’s feet. Honey is ready to try anything as Nika removes her size 9 high heels. Nika starts to kiss and lick Honey’s feet, sucking her toes and making her girlfriend moan. Honey is really enjoying feeling the foot worship when Nika brings out some honey sauce for her girlfriend Honey. Nika drizzles sauce on Honey’s bare toes and soles, watching it drip, then licking and sucking it off. This is really hot new 4play Honey’s girlfriend brought into their sex life and Nika is really enjoying it too. Making sure to lick up and down getting all the Honey, Nika tells her lover she’s ready to take it up another notch and go to the bedroom.

Length: 16:10
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Honey’s Honey Toes

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