TheFootFantasy – Foot Worship Sex Ed Class

MISS BRANDON has her 2 students in front of her, LIZZY LAMB and STEFANIA MAFRA she is not amused about having to teach them a private lesson on sex ed. MISS BRANDON tells her girls not to have sex that she is going to offer a solution to sex and when they feel that tingle in their pussy they will know a better technique to satisfy it, that wont get them pregnant. TEACHER BRANDON has her SCHOOL GIRLS, REDHEAD LIZZY LAMB and CHEERLEADER STEFANIA MAFRA take off their SHOES and SOCKS and grab each others FEET as she informs the girls about FOOT WORSHIP. LIZZY and STEFANIA think she is weird but they do as they are instructed. STEFANIA and LIZZY are told to SNIFF each other TOES and LICK one another SOLES all the way up. BRANDON teaches the girls to LICK and SUCK and enjoy FOOT WORSHIP on each other. Once TEACHER MISS BRANDON thinks the girls have perfected the technique she has the each take one of her FEET straight from her HIGH HEELS and she tests them on her. BRANDON tells the girls to WORSHIP their FEET and if they have learned right they will pass SEX ED class.

Length: 10:37
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Foot Worship Sex Ed Class

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