TheFootFantasy – Feet Insecurity

Britteni Bank and Ama Rio are sitting with their feet out in conversation about their feet. Britteni comments how Ama has such big feet and pretty toes and Ama tells Britteni she has been insecure about her feet for as long as she can remember. Britteni is determined to change this for Ama, her size 9’s are sexy! Britteni wants to show Ama how sexy her feet are and she gets down by the table and starts to show Ama. Britteni kisses, licks, and sucks on Ama’s bare feet, soles, and toes. The foot worship feels so good to Ama and Britteni tells her your feet are pretty enough to worship and entice her. Maybe this will make Ama most secure about her sexy feet!

Length: 16:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Feet Insecurity

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