TheFootFantasy – Cleo Earns Her White Belt

LEO is ready to enter ROXIE’S KARATE ACADEMY and earn her white KARATE belt as she walks into the DOJO in her red KARATE GI finding ROXIE standing with her white belt. ROXIE instructs CLEO to sit as she shoves a FOOT in CLEO’S NOSE. CLEO cringes as she tries to pull back but ROXIE invites her closer, telling CLEO if she wants her belt she must prove her dedication to the academy. ROXIE tells CLEO to stick out her TONGUE, wiping her SOLE and FEET across it telling CLEO to clean her SWEATY KARATEKA FEET. CLEO LICKS up ROXIE’S SOLES and SUCKS her TOES as she cleans ridding ROXIE’S FEET of all DIRT and SWEAT. ROXIE wants CLEO to make her TOES WET and CLEO SPITS all over her FEET, LICKING her SALIVA back up. Watch CLEO prove herself in the KARATE DOJO and earn her white belt.

Length: 8:23
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Cleo Earns Her White Belt

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