TheFootFantasy – Claire Black’s First Foot Worship

Meiko Jane has a special friend in her bed, Claire Black who is a foot worship virgin. Meiko is at Claire’s feet as she admires them, she asks Claire all about her feet, the size and finding out if she is ticklish and how Claire feels about foot worship. This is Claire’s first time and Meiko gives her a taste, as she takes a taste; licking up Claire’s soles and sucking her toes and asking her friend again. It seems like Claire likes it moaning and she tells Meiko she does. Meiko starts licking Claire’s feet again, one at a time, sucking on Claire’s heels and toes, making Claire’s feet nice and wet. Claire is loving the warm and wet feeling on her feet as Meiko licks it even makes her panties wet. This is something Claire will be enjoying more of.

Length: 15:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Claire Black’s First Foot Worship

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