TheFootFantasy – Brandon & Roxie Foot Worship & Riding

ROXIE RAE and BRANDON are in their LINGERIE in ROXIE’S bed having girls night without their boyfriends around. BRANDON has her little FEET exposed and BARE and ROXIE comments but BRANDON already knows ROXIE likes FEET and before she can say anything else ROXIE is at her SIZE 6’s LICKING and WORSHIPING them with her BAREFEET in BRANDON’S face. BRANDON starts to SUCK ROXIE’S red painted TOES and the girls WORSHIP each other FEET MOANING from the sexy pleasure. BRANDON tells ROXIE she really wants to get off and climbs on one of ROXIE’S FEET, RIDING it while she WORSHIPS the other. ROXIE rubs BRANDON’S CLIT with her SOLE making it WETTER and switches FEET to feel BRANDON’S PUSSY on her other FOOT. When BRANDON is ready to CUM, ROXIE puts both her FEET under BRANDON, letting BRANDON FUCK her SOLES while she WIGGLES her TOES on BRANDON’S CLIT. BRANDON CUMS all over ROXIE’S tiny FEET and then WORSHIPS ROXIE’S SIZE 5 SOLES again, LICKING up all her CUM from ROXIE’S FEET. Girls night with no boyfriends really needs to happen more often!

Length: 12:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Brandon & Roxie Foot Worship & Riding

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