TheFootFantasy – Aerobics Warm Up

Mandy Candy and Stefania Mafra are in the gym on the mats and about to get into their Aerobics routine, all dressed up and ready in their pantyhose, leg warmers, sweat bands and leotards. Before the class starts Mandy thought her and Stefania could have their own sexy warm up together in the pantyhose, before more people come into the room. Stefania knows just what Mandy had in mind as Mandy gets down at her feet and Stefania is ready for it. Mandy licks, kisses and sucks Stefania’s feet in her pantyhose, making them wet as she worships and making Stefania moan. This is the best way to warm up for Aerobics class but Stefania isn’t going to make Mandy do all the work, after a while, Stef tells Mandy it’s her turn. Mandy sits back, letting Stefania reciprocate on her feet in her pantyhose. Stefania sucks Mandy’s toes through the hose, licking Mandy’s soles until her feet are all nice and wet. Good idea the girls had coming to class early.

Length: 22:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Aerobics Warm Up

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