TerrasTemptations – Big Feet, Small Dick – Nyxon & TerraMizu

NYXON and TERRAMIZU know that you love FEET more than anything!! You’re so obvious about your obsession with SOLES that you aren’t hiding anything. These two POWERFUL WOMEN are so intimidating to you as you stare at their WRINKLED SOLES and PEDICURED TOES. They want you to JERK OFF for them but once you pull it out they understand why you were so shy to take your dick out. Your penis is so small that they COMPARE it to their FEET as they VERBALLY HUMILIATE you. They HUMILIATE your SMALL PENIS as they TEASE you with their FEET. These MEAN GIRLS feel bad for you and your little wiener but that won’t stop them from HUMILIATING you!

Length: 10:45
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Big Feet, Small Dick – Nyxon & TerraMizu

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