TAWorship – Well How Do They Taste

Cleo and Sophie Reyes are hanging out after a long day at work. Both girls have been in pantyhose and heels all day and their feet are tired and sore. Cleo wants to take off her heels but she is worried that they may be a little stinky. Sophie is curious and encourages her to take them off. What she really wants to know is how they taste so Cleo licks her own foot and comes to the conclusion that they taste pretty good. Well Sophie won’t take her word for it and tastes them for herself. The girls take turns worshiping their own feet with the other helping, both in nylons and barefoot. Then the girls, both barefoot at this point, scissor and worship each other.

Length: 14:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Well How Do They Taste

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