TAWorship – Tired Feet, Working All Day, Leads to A Foot Worshipping.

Oh, her poor feet are so tired…working a long day, wearing leopard print high heel shoes, what’s a girl to do but to complain to her best friend sitting next to her? Delilah shows her tired feet to Maddy and Maddy is very sympathetic. Taking off her high heel shoes she starts with a gentle kiss to make it all better. The pantyhose clad Delilah instantly responds with a laugh and lets her continue on.

The pantyhose come off and then the real messy action starts up. Maddy goes to town on that foot licking and at one point she sucking that big toe like it’s a small dick about to ejaculate a load. At the end Delilah says about her feet, “it feels so much better now”

Duration: 15:27.360
Size: 463,801 Mb

Download – Tired Feet, Working All Day, Leads to A Foot Worshipping

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