TAWorship – Sophias borrowed heels

Jazmin has had a long night of clubbing and stumbles in back home to the sofa to Jazmins surprise Sophia is still up and sitting on the couch. Jazmin asks Sophia why she is still up and Sophia tells her because she has been waiting all night to get her heels. Jazmin embarrassed lets Sophia know she is sorry and will buy her a new pair Sophia is still angry that Jazmin didnt asks to borrow her heels and demands for Jazmin to give them back. Jazmin explains to Sophia that she has been dancing all night and they are super sweaty and stinky. Sophia stills asks for them back and wants to see for herself. Jazmin takes off Sophias heels and hands them to her. Sophia grabs them and takes a big whiff. Jazmin begins to apologize but Sophia stops her. Sophia tells Jazmin the combination of her foot smell mixed with Jazmin is amazing and she must have more. Sophia tells Jazmin if she lets her smell and taste her after club feet she will forget anything happened. Jazmin surprised but happy with this agreement immediately agrees to those terms.

Length: 17:25
Resolution: 3840×2160

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