TAWorship – Smelly Borrowed Sneakers

Nikki has borrowed Lilly’s sneakers. Lilly did not give her permission and calls Lilly out on it. Nikki embarrassed and sorry pleads to Lilly she will buy her another pair and dont be mad. Lilly is not hearing it and asks for her sneakers back. Nikki takes off Lilly’s sneakers but as she does fumes hot the air. Lilly is stunned but confused The Smell of her feet and Nikki’s feet mixed together is turning her on. Lilly forgets about Nikki stealing her shoes and makes an agreement with Nikki. Lilly tells Nikki if she allows her to worship her feet she will forget about her taking her shoes. Nikki relieved gives Lilly what she wants.

Length: 15:38
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Smelly Borrowed Sneakers

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