TAWorship – Real Estate Agent JOU

Aiden and Jazmin are sitting on the couch. Aiden is a real estate agent and Jazmin really wants to buy the house. Jazmin tells Aiden that she wants it but her husband is not budging and keeps saying no. Aiden knows her husband is in the restroom so she tells her a little secret. Aiden has caught Jazmin staring at her nylon clad feet as she dangles them in and out her shoes. Jazmin admits her husband is a foot perv but how does that help? Aiden explains to Jazmin with the power of their feet they can make him buy this house. Jazmin is intrigued and wants to give it a shot. Jamin tells her husband to get on the ground as they put their feet in his face. The girls then let him know they will allow him to cum from their feet only if he agrees to buy this house.

Length: 10:59
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Real Estate Agent JOU

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